Thank you for supporting your children in dance!

YPAD™ exists to help create optimal environments in dance—from studio classrooms to event ballrooms—promoting the safety, health, and well-being of students. Our purpose is to offer educational resources and training opportunities for studio owners, event owners, teachers, choreographers, and parents.

Why does this matter to you?

Because nothing is more important than your child’s health and safety.

YPAD™: Ensuring Your Child's Safety in Dance

The dance world is a wonderful place to see children experiencing the joy of music and movement, becoming artists, striving for goals, and living their dreams. It is also an unregulated industry, which means its leaders and teachers must self-educate in order to set and uphold high standards.

Dance industry professionals who uphold YPAD™ standards ensure that health and safety are top priorities in the classroom and on the stage. Further, YPAD™Certified Studios, Events, and Individuals formally demonstrate their commitment to every angle of student health and safety.

YPAD™ resources offer a quality approach to self-education that lifts up the entire industry, helping youth dancers become safer and healthier. Dance industry professionals who participate in YPAD™ opportunities want the best for their students; parents who participate in YPAD™ opportunities do too.

Together, we can all insist that safeguarding students in dance be the norm, not the exception.

What can you do to optimize your child’s dance experience?

Enhance your education about dancer health and safety. Click here to access YPAD™’s resources, including free downloads, live seminars, and microlearnings.

Seek YPAD™ educated studios and events for your child. YPAD™ Directory coming soon! Ask your child’s teachers or studio owner if they are familiar with YPAD™’s resources and trainings.

Ask your child’s studio to consider YPAD™ Certification. YPAD™ Certified Studios take additional measures to safeguard their students; however, certification is a long-term investment and may not be right for every business model.

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We appreciate your commitment to YPAD™’s mission, promoting health and wellness throughout your child’s dance journey. Thank you for making a joyful and safe dance experience possible!

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YPAD™ is based in the United States. Though the education presented here is built upon U.S. standards, YPAD™ recognizes that there may be different standards in other cultures and countries across the globe. It is important to refer to the governance of your home country, state, province, or city to ensure consistent, legal compliance with the appropriate local regulations.

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