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At YPAD™, we understand the crucial role adults play in shaping the lives of youth dancers. That’s why YPAD™ believes education in safeguarding capacity-building should be available to everyone. Equipping yourself with a strong knowledge base means you can create a supportive and safe environment in which dancers can thrive without unnecessary risk.

Whether you are a studio owner, educator, parent, dance professional, leader of a dance organization, college director, or other industry contributor, use the materials here to jumpstart or expand your knowledge of health, safety, and wellness in dance.


YPAD™ Microlearnings are short and interactive courses devoted to singular topics and designed to help you learn without a long commitment! Whether you are a parent, studio owner, teacher, or other industry professional, you will find that YPAD™ Microlearnings provide eye-opening insights into key areas of dancer health and well-being.

Spotlight Conversations

These half-hour seminars feature a guest speaker industry professional and are facilitated by a YPAD™ Certified Coach. Each seminar includes relevant and topical education for dance parents, teachers, and studio owners.

Spotlight Conversations Recordings

Access past Spotlight Conversations for free.


Matthew Farmer
Department Chair
Hope College

"YPAD™’s seminar for dancers is an essential conversation and educational session for all dance students in college. The information presented is pertinent and necessary for any dance student wishing to enter the performance industry. Conversations regarding power differentials, grooming, and sexual harassment are just some of the important topics covered, and the tools YPAD™ gives young dancers in order to address these issues are both concrete and applicable."

Aidan S. Nettles, MFA
Assistant Professor of Dance
The University of Alabama

“The team at YPAD™ facilitates an outstanding seminar to share information and resources with college students and future educators that are paramount for dancer safety. I find it imperative to equip my students to think critically, ask challenging questions, and to learn how to make positive contributions to the future of dance, and this experience afforded them the opportunity to exercise those skills. YPAD™’s college seminar provides a space for young educators to engage with challenging topics in a supported environment. I encourage all collegiate educators to take advantage of providing this experience!”

Richard Smith
Visiting Professor
East Carolina University

“I am completely impressed with the delivery of the presentation by the YPAD™ team. They make the information easily digestible, positive and inviting. The feedback from the students was genuinely eye opening. The YPAD™ team sheds new light on how we can be better as educators and leaders in the industry. Much praise was shared in the talkback after the workshop was completed. I am so pleased with the presentation and look forward to having the students participate in additional resources from YPAD™.”

testimonial portrait

"I am proud and grateful to be part of an organization that serves to educate, equip, and empower the dance industry to create safe environments and experiences for children."

Sammi Rader · MSW and Dance Educator

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YPAD™ is based in the United States. Though the education presented here is built upon U.S. standards, YPAD™ recognizes that there may be different standards in other cultures and countries across the globe. It is important to refer to the governance of your home country, state, province, or city to ensure consistent, legal compliance with the appropriate local regulations.

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